News for Current PEM Trainees


Contact Email:

Twitter: PemTrainingUk

Trainee Reps

Alexandra Pelivan - GRID PEM Trainee Rep

Beth Barrett - EMTA RCEM Trainee Rep

Group Communication

There is a group email for all curent PEM GRID trainees. It can be used for advertising events, sending polls, messaging each other etc. If you are a GRID PEM trainee but have not received any group emails, please email us on

There are also informal whatsapp groups for trainees, separate groups for RCEM and RCPCH PEM trainees. Please email if you would like to be added to these groups, or contact the APEM trainee reps (contacts on the committee page).

International Directory of PEM Fellowships:

I've you're looking for a PEM fellowship abroad, have a look at the IFEM website under Resouces (

Information about PEM Training Centres

We are in the process of setting up information about each UK PEM Training Centre, which would be made available on this website for trainees and those considering applying to PEM training. If you are a current/recent PEM trainee and would be happy to write something about your training centre please contact

the APEM trainee reps