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Training Documents

Curriculum & Competences

The new PEM Sub-specialty syllabus was introduced in August. It is a joint syllabus used by both the RCEM and RCPCH trainees. It can be found on the college websites or by following this link

Assessment Forms

Work based assessment forms are available on your e portfolio, and ARCP checklists are available on the college websites.  It is important to check in advance that you are using the correct ARCP checklist. Some adaptations were made to the ARCP checklists for the 2020 summer ARCPs, due to the impact of Covid-19 on training. It is not yet clear which form will be used for the 2021 ARCPs, but it would be useful to review both the original PEM ARCP checklist and the PEM COVID-19 checklists, to ensure you are as prepared as possible.

Link to RCEM page with ARCP checklist:

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